The future of the Port

The area of Offshore Valley is undergoing extensive development. A comprehensive investment programme is currently being implemented, supported by intensive collaboration.
Area developments in the Port of Schiedam

The area of Offshore Valley is undergoing extensive development. A comprehensive investment programme is currently being implemented in close collaboration with businesses, partners, the Port of Rotterdam and the Municipality of Schiedam. The investment programme is targeted at the improvement of sustainability and accessibility by the upgrading of infrastructure, improvement of public transport, installation of boarding points for the water coach and water cab, and the laying-out of a cycle path network, together with various forms of collaboration in the field of technical education, expertise and innovation, all of which will also contribute to the safeguarding of a healthy living environment.

‘A unique Schiedam-based port area has delivered the impetus necessary to transform traditional industries into the hub of a maritime expertise network. For us, too, the port of Schiedam is the maritime-expertise centre of the world, as it has been for more than 100 years’. - Nils van Nood, CEO of GustoMSC

Cooperation agreement with the Port of Rotterdam

A cooperation agreement was signed with the Port of Rotterdam on the 19th of February, 2018. This agreement entails a collaboration targeted at a future-oriented port that is well-known at an international level, combined with enhanced employment opportunities, a healthy living environment, and efficient connections between the port and the city.

Metropolitan Region Rotterdam The Hague (MRDH)

The MRDH have jointly set up the regional investment programme with the associated investment chart. Schiedam has been included in the top 25 items on the programme. Please refer to the website of the Investment Programme for further details.

Roadmap Next Economy

The MRDH has given its response to two economic developments, the rapid development of internet technology and the transition to clean energy. The municipality of Schiedam is among the municipalities participating in this alliance, which is aimed at increasing the attractiveness of the region.

Essay ‘Schiedam in 2045: A maritime hotspot with great potential’

In his essay, Dr. Bart Kuijpers investigates the added value of the Port of Schiedam as a maritime cluster, concluding that the Port is developing into a unique specialist in the fields of the manufacturing industry, and high-grade maritime expertise coupled with the provision of services. He also explores the potential positive and negative impact of several economic scenarios on the Port by 2045.

‘The unique thing about the Port of Schiedam is the chain, ranging from design right through to maintenance, and everything in between. The ships designed in Schiedam often appear later at the quay for finishing, refitting or maintenance.’
Peter Vervoorn – Port Development Area Manager for the Port of Rotterdam